Product development is risky. If things go wrong it can be very expensive. It’s easy to get stuck in the details of a product. It’s hard to take a step back and look at your product as part of a bigger system and network of actors.

We developed this workshop to provide you with impartial input about your product.

Critically reviewing your product against a range of proven criteria will reveal opportunities and potential risks that may need more attention. This process enables you to adapt to a more successful product design while mitigating expensive and potentially unsuccessful risks.

$1950 + GST

Pre-review meeting

2 hour face to face workshop

Detailed Design Review


Everyone has ideas.

The Design Review is designed for people who have a detailed product idea or who are already manufacturing a product. You are most likely already part of a successful business operation.

You have already developed a concept but are seeking input from experienced product designers; we can help you take a step back and identify critical aspects that you may have missed.

You have already validated your concept but would like another opinion before proceeding; we can help you work out what your biggest risks and opportunities might be.

You have a validated idea but don’t know how to scale it up; we can help you detail your design and get it ready to manufacture at the appropriate scale.

You may attend this workshop on your own, or bring up to two colleagues/interested parties.

The Design Review requires that you provide us with as much information about your product as you have available. We’ll ask you to complete an online questionnaire to gather the information that we need.


We’ll begin with a pre-review meeting over Skype or phone to introduce ourselves and get up to speed with your project. This normally takes about 30 minutes.

We then begin the Design Review. Our review’s structure is flexible based on your needs. We generally cover a number of key activities including:

  • Critically reviewing your idea against eight key themes:
    • Rational
    • Fit for Target
    • Complexity
    • Function
    • Manufacturing
    • Investment vs. Return
    • Branding
    • Systemic View
  • Documenting our findings
  • Detailing what we perceive to be your biggest risks and opportunities
  • Conducting a 2-hour face to face workshop where we:
    • review and discuss the design review findings
    • review your risks and opportunities
    • propose approaches to reducing or overcoming your risks and capitalising on your opportunities
    • propose a set of next steps


Having participated in the Design Review process you will:

  1. possess an unbiased and professional opinion of your product
  2. continue development with confidence
  3. change direction if the risks are too great or if other opportunities are more attractive
  4. decide how to invest further in your product


The outcomes of your workshop will be documented in your Design Review document. This PDF document typically includes:

  • Our design review findings
  • Documented critical risks and key opportunities
  • Alternative conceptual approaches
  • Suggested next steps

A quick note about Workshop Location

We run our Workshops in really neat, creative, inspiring spaces (like INNX or DaSH) in Newcastle, NSW. If you’d like us to come to you, we’ll need to have a quick chat about travel expenses. We’ll call you.

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