Design Services.

We deliver the best in industrial design, product engineering and multimedia content to help you and your clients create market leading products.
Big or small, we deliver you products that get noticed.

Design Strategy + Review

Plan for success.

Set the correct trajectory for success; we identify the opportunities, co-create the vision and put in place a plan to manage scope, budget and time to market.

Our process sets the framework needed to successfully launch your next market leading product.

Product Branding

First Impressions Count.

Products identify who you are, what you do, what you believe and where your passions lie.

Make your products speak with one voice; identifying your unique strengths and values across your entire brand.

Product Design

Unlock the opportunities.

Product design is all about delivering original product solutions.

Our skills combine beautifully to produce products with just the right mix of function, style, manufacturability and user experience. We don’t just deliver superbly thought-out design, we also deliver products designed for the real world.

Product Engineering

Get It Right, First Time

We deliver market leading products engineered to perfection.

Our established process retains the original design intent, resolves complex mechanical design issues, adheres to regulatory requirements while also increasing product profitability through optimisation of manufacturing and assembly techniques.

Prototyping + Evaluation

Realise your idea.

Our extensive prototyping solutions offer insight into the look, feel and function of your new product. It also validates that your idea is production ready.

From additive prototyping through to 5 axis machining, our know-how saves you time and money by choosing the prototyping process that gives you the biggest return on investment.

Production Documentation

Communicate Your Design.

Transition your idea from prototype to production; from detailed drawings to product specifications, our extensive range of product documentation communicates your design intent, protects your intellectual property and ensures your design is built to your specific standard.

Extension + Optimisation

People Love New Products.

Lead the market by improving function, aesthetics, user interaction, manufacturing techniques or by adding new products to your range.

We help our clients improve sales, increase profit margins and build new consumer confidence in your product offering.

High + Low Volume Production

Get It Made.

Whether you need one or a million; our extensive network of local and international suppliers delivers an expansive range of manufacturing solutions that turn your idea into a reality.

Visualisation + Animation

Product Animation.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well imagine the real worth of an animation. From operational animations to launch videos we have a solution tailored to meet your needs.

Messages That Get Noticed.

We deliver a wide range of solutions that creatively convey your products unique selling points. We create new and exciting messages that get noticed.

Product Rendering.

Communicate product function, create stakeholder excitement and test market response all before your new product launch.