DA will help you identify three concrete steps to move your idea forward

Expert Hour bookings are open

Have you ever wanted to just ask an expert product designer a few tough questions about an idea that you are developing? Expert Hour bookings are now open.

Why did we develop the Expert Hour?

In 2016 we started delivering the Kickstart Workshops and Design Reviews. Th Kickstart Workshop has proven a hit with people who are relatively early on in their design process. These people are exploring their ideas fairly broadly in order to decide if it is worth pursuing. And, if it is, which direction looks most promising. Our Design Review clients are further along the process and typically have a well-developed design concept that needs reviewing.

The Kickstart Workshop and Design Review are really good for people who are at the beginning or middle of their design journeys. But we noticed that some of the people approaching us had very specific questions or issues that you wanted to discuss, independent of where you are in your design process. And so, we developed the Expert Hour.

Who is the Expert Hour for?

You’ve already got an idea that you are working on. You think it’s good. Perhaps you’re exploring too many options. Maybe you just need a bit of reassurance. You’d like an expert opinion before spending any more money on the idea. This happens to be something that Design Anthology are really good at; seeing the risks of a product idea and finding the promising opportunities.

What happens during the Expert Hour?

The Expert Hour is a one hour video call or face to face session at our studio in Gateshead. You bring your specific questions related to one product idea. It’s really important that we keep discussion focused on one idea to make sure that you get the most out of it.

We want you to ask us your toughest, most-challenging questions. You might ask about where to start with development, how to progress from an idea, risks to be aware of, prototyping, manufacturing methods, materials, ergonomics, styling, user interfaces, functionality, strength, durability, appeal, safety…anything.

Our role is to listen carefully, ask follow up questions to clarify and then provide you with three concrete actions that we believe will help you to move your idea forward.

More Experts are coming

At the moment, Josh Jeffress, our Principal Designer, is your product design expert. But we are planning to make more experts available to you throughout the year. We want you to be able to choose who you speak with based on the nature of your questions. Keep your eyes open for experts in business, service design, mechatronics, branding, marketing and more.

Get your project going

We are really excited about this new format (also that we received our first enquiry within one week of going live)! We hope that you find the Expert Hour useful and look forward to receiving your bookings. If you’re ready to book, just go to the Expert Hour page.