Converting ideas into commercially viable products and services requires excellent research, good planning, great design and outstanding execution. In our work, we meet lots of people who have great ideas but are not sure what the next step is for their project.

It’s difficult to know whether an idea is worth pursuing and, if so, in which direction.

We developed this workshop to help you quickly move your idea forward in the right direction. 

$1750 + GST

2 Hours Face-to-Face


Everyone has ideas.

The Kickstart Workshop is designed for people who have an idea but aren’t sure what the next step is.

You have an idea but are struggling to communicate it or to raise interest; we can help you present your idea to raise interest and secure backing.

You are exploring how to patent an idea; we can help you work out whether this is the right thing to do.

You have an idea but would like to test it before committing; we can help you validate your idea quickly to see if the investment will pay off.

You may attend this workshop on your own, or bring up to two colleagues/interested parties.


Our Workshop’s structure is flexible based on your needs. We generally cover a number of key activities:

  • Establishing the position of your project now
  • Documenting your potential customer’s pain points
  • Documenting your pain points
  • Writing User Stories
  • Reviewing research conducted by DA
  • Sketching initial ideas
  • Filtering conceptual approaches
  • Mapping out the next steps


Participating in the Kickstart Workshop and with your Outcomes & Recommendations document in hand you will:

  1. possess a clearly documented backstory (User Stories) that presents a consistent starting point for all interested parties and drives development
  2. decide whether further investment in your idea is worthwhile
  3. communicate the conceptual direction of your idea with others
  4. plan your next steps
  5. remove the barriers to further development


The outcomes of your workshop will be documented in your Outcomes & Recommendations document. This PDF document typically includes:

  • A summary of how you responded to the questions that we posed
  • Your User Stories
  • Our preliminary research findings
  • Our recommendations about the concrete steps that you should take to keep development moving forward
  • Other considerations that we believe will be critical to the success of your idea

A quick note about Workshop Location

We run our Workshops in really neat, creative, inspiring spaces (like INNX or DaSH) in Newcastle, NSW. If you’d like us to come to you, we’ll need to have a quick chat about travel expenses. We’ll call you.

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