Design Anthology's new KICKSTART Workshop is designed for people who are exploring their product idea

KICKSTART Workshops have begun

One of the biggest barriers to building a successful business around a product is knowing whether or not the idea will be successful in the marketplace. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many stories of great ideas failing because money was invested poorly early in development. We’ve built businesses and we know how critical it is to spend wisely early on.

That is why we created the KICKSTART Workshop. This workshop is designed for individuals and businesses that have an idea but aren’t yet sure whether it’s worth pursuing. Sometimes, the thing you need most is someone to bounce your idea off; someone who has experience in product development and manufacturing.

How it works

Over a period of two hours, we work through a number of activities that will test the assumptions that you’ve made about your target users, their difficulties and how your product will help solve their problem. What we are trying to do is help you work out if your assumptions are accurate, where you need to do further research and which parts of your idea are already sound. We generally write User Stories at this point to help us better define the goals that your users will try to achieve through using your product. These stories help guide product development.

Make a decision

You’ll leave the workshop with a better idea about your users real pain points, documented user stories, initial research and ideation by Design Anthology, sketches and a summary outlining your next steps. We’ll make a series of recommendations about how you could proceed and areas for you to explore. Ultimately, we’ll try to get you to the point where you can decide whether you are ready to invest further in your idea.

Start now

If you have an idea that you’d like to explore further, without making a commitment to developing your product, we think the KICKSTART Workshop is the right way to begin. Let’s test your idea together and work out how best to proceed.

Head over to the KICKSTART Workshop page to setup a date and time. Or give us a call to discuss whether a custom workshop might better suit the product development project you’re working on.