Banlaw Pop-up Exhibit

Saving up to $10,000 in setup costs.

Banlaw approached DA to design and build an exhibition stand for an upcoming trade show. Initially, Banlaw were focused on addressing the requirements of the stand space. We proposed that Banlaw create an exhibit that could be used at all future shows and serve as a valuable sales tool.

The exhibit that we designed saves Banlaw between $5,000-$10,000 in setup costs as a result of the tiny amount of assembly required on site. In addition, the exhibit can be taken to clients or opened up and Banlaw’s head office to demonstrate the product ranges to customers. Banlaw has the power to exhibit their range anywhere, anytime, without needing to wait for trade shows.

We designed a modular exhibit that could be packed down into a custom shipping container. The container can be easily transported with a flat bed truck and simply opened up on site once in position. Flooring and seating can be unpacked and installed to define the space and invite participants in. The physical products and digital displays can be changed to meet the requirements of various target audiences and industries.