Compassion Sign-up Display

Increasing child sponsorship signups by 50%.

Compassion Australia asked DA to design and build 30 portable displays for encouraging child sponsorship sign-ups at conferences and church events.

Despite the fact that we were asked to create a table-mounted display, our investigations revealed that table-mounting created two problems. Firstly, the table acted as a barrier between people wanting to sign-up and the people there to assist them in doing so. Secondly, because these displays are placed near doorways, exiting crowds were unable to see them. Table-mounted displays simply would not achieve good crowd penetration.

We designed a higher, free-standing display that could be accessed from all sides. This approach removed the physical barrier between people and the height made the display easily visible from within a crowd. We helped Compassion increase sign-ups by 50%.

Compassion’s display can be disassembled and transported by car or as oversize baggage by plane.