Eco Food Wrap Waxer

1 metre per hour to 345 metres per hour

Eco Food Wraps are customisable, reusable, organic cotton food wraps that provide a plastic wrap alternative for your home or office.

Elishah and Shuaib approached Design Anthology because they were experiencing increased interest in their beautiful hand made wraps. At that point, they were hand cutting fabric pieces, dipping them in their special beeswax/resin blend and scraping off the excess. This was an immensely time consuming process that took about one hour to process one metre of fabric. The consistency of the resulting products were somewhat difficult to ensure.

We learnt everything we could about impregnating organic cotton with beeswax mixes and then began designing a machine that would assist with this most time-consuming process. The result was a custom machine that can process 15m rolls of fabric. A fabric roll is loaded into the unit. The fabric is fed onto the rotating spool and the fabric. Then dunked and pulled through a molten wax bath.

The new process can coat 15 metres in 30 seconds. That’s 345 metres per hour. It used to take Elishah and Shuaib 1 hour per metre. Not only does the machine save them heaps of time, the consistency of the resulting products has significantly increased.

Needless to say, Elishah and Shuaib are extremely happy with the outcome.

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