Fleet Logic

83% reduction in manufacturing costs

Fleet Logic products offer tamper resistant vehicle tracking. log booking, critical vehicle stat tracking and analysis for logistics and taxis.

We undertook a six phase design process including concept development, detailed design, concept validation, manufacturing preparation, tooling and manufacturing and first article inspection in just 6-8 weeks.

Our most outstanding achievement was the significant manufacturing cost reductions that we designed into the products; bringing the manufacture cost for the system down about 83%.

Fleet Logic View houses electronic components for an odometer, temperature and weighing, driver ID, electronic log book and engine immobiliser. Fleet Logic 660/670 securely houses a Garmin GPS unit and offers superior tamper resistance. The Fleet Logic Guardian/Sentry enclosure houses the electronic ‘brains’ of the system including the GPS tracker, 3G/4G antenna, CAMBUS interface an cable management. Fleet Logic Hawk holds a solar panel, batteries and a tracking device. Mounted to the roof of the trailer, it tracks the whereabouts of trailers.