Hextech Fitness

Portable Calisthenics Training Gym

Hextech fitness approached Design Anthology as they found a gap in the market of portable gym equipment. They found the market was lacking in the area of calisthenics, and asked us to design a portable calisthenic training gym.

The result is a modular and scalable design that can be adapted to the needs of the user, yet is light and portable so it can be transported easily with minimal effort.

Multiple Training Positions
The design allows users to train all different muscle groups by allowing them to customise the system to suit there training regime

Modular and Scalable System
System is easily installed and dismantled through the use of a quick release system and stable platform.

An Array of Attachments
Attachments can be easily added or removed to cater to a wide variety of workouts and end users.

Build to Your Specific Needs
Start with the basic system and slowly build your system into the ultimate training gym as you progress through the workout programs and build your fitness level

Perfect for Personal Trainers
The system is perfect for personal trainers who want to run big classes in outdoor environments. The scalability of the design means the trainer can customise the system to suit their class and built bigger systems as their business grows.