Interceptor Alpha Single Ski

Up to three week reduction in ski delivery time

We worked closely with Dean Little from Ocean Playground to develop the intelligent new Alpha Single surf ski. Dean says: “the Alpha Single feels really stable in the water and really fast. It’s probably our best ski to date. And it looks unreal.”

Dean approached us to help him improve the speed with which he can build his skis. By casting a fresh glance over his process and the details of some of his designs, we discovered some significant efficiency gains in manufacturing. By redesigning some components of his skis, we helped Dean improve his ski delivery time by 20%. That means that from the point where Dean receives an order, to the day the ski is delivered, has reduced by up to three weeks.

One of the key innovations that we helped Dean introduce to the market is his new Variable Footwell Option. We completely redesigned the entire seat and footwell to achieve a more customer focused offer and to optimise the body position in the ski. This improves strength transfer to the paddle and, because it’s more comfortable, means paddlers can paddle longer. That’s a big deal if you’re paddling competitively or just for fun.