Snoogee Sled

A quick insight into the development and testing of the Snoogee Board. An innovative snow sports product bridging the gap between a number of action sports.

The AXS Snoogee Board is changing how and where a sled can be ridden. With its snowboard-like handling and ability to do tight turns and stop in short spaces, almost anywhere you can ride a snowboard you can also ride a Snoogee Board. From backcountry to the streets, Snoogee Board can ride anywhere! The AXS Snoogee Board takes sledding from basic snow play to a fully-fledged action snow sport.

By taking the edge control of a snowboard and functionality of a bodyboard, the AXS Snoogee Board will allow you to experience the performance of snowboarding with the accessibility of sledding in one product

The AXS Sled is designed to go places and do things no sled had ever done before. Just like the BMX bike transformed how and where a bike could be ridden. The AXS is transforming how and where a sled can be ridden. This is most apparent in suburban and urban sledding.

The AXS is the only sled out there that turns and stops on its edges,just like a snowboard and skis. Now sledding in you city or town is no longer confined to just sled hills. Now you can explore anywhere there is snow. Taking it a step further and explore the concrete and steel around you.

Maybe that’s sliding on a handrail or wall ride. Possibly you will do an inverted air off of the wall ride.
With a snowboard as the sleds bottom runner and the low center of gravity of riding in a prone stance all sorts of possibilities for urban and suburban riding have opened up.

Snoogee’s Swing arms QA Checked and ready to assemble.

The bottom truck and swing arms, fitted and ready for testing.

The Snoogee Board is engineered to perfection, providing the rider with the responsivness and comfort needed to land large jumps