Product design requires Vision and Purpose.


We are passionate about using design to solve problems and make our lives more prosperous. Together, our capacity to solve bigger, more complex problems increases.

We believe that by using design methods, and a designerly way of thinking, we can make the world more human, breaking down the barriers between technology and human emotions, strengthening our relationship with the world around us and deepening the bonds we share with each other.


Our purpose is to find the inner beauty in your idea and nurture it into the world.

Our purpose is to think ahead, anticipating the future implications of your idea and planning for them.

Our purpose is to maximise the value of your idea for you and those that will be impacted.

This is us...

Josh Jeffress

Principal Designer

Josh Jeffress is Principal designer at Design Anthology

Mat Dowman

Creative Director

Principal at Design Anthology

Aimee Jeffress

Interior Designer & Operations

Elisha Smallcombe

Design Studio Manager

Design Studio Manager

Luke Watson

Industrial Design Intern

Luke is industrial design intern at Design Anthology