Luke Watson

Industrial Design Intern

“What I love about design is the process. It is always extremely rewarding to see something begin as a simple sketch or idea and slowly grow and evolve into something physical.”

Luke joined DA in October, 2017, during his final semester of study at the University of Newcastle. Working as an industrial designer at DA is Luke’s first design role since completing his studies. We’re super excited to be able to share what we’ve learnt with Luke and help him discover the real world of product design.

Luke’s qualifications include Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Industrial Design and, most recently, a Bachelor in Industrial Design. Perhaps the ‘qualification’ he’s most proud of is competing and becoming the Mid-North Coast’s champion Lego builder in 2010.

Luke has dubbed himself ‘Director of Odd-Jobs’. He gets his hands dirty doing every kind of job imaginable, from the workshop floor, to 3D modelling, drawing layout and sketching and running our 3D printer. His role is to make sure that Josh and Mat are supported in delivering awesomely thought-through and executed ideas.

Luke appreciates Josh’s mentorship as it allows him to gain experience in a huge range of task whilst being supportive. Luke also enjoys Mat’s office banter because it keeps us all smiling.

Luke Watson hammers in the workshop