1 Hour

Video call or meet us at our office in Gateshead.

1 Idea

Be prepared to discuss just one idea. We want to stay focused.

3 Next Steps

We’ll give you three concrete steps to move your idea forward.


Includes GST.

Josh Jeffress is Principal designer at Design Anthology

Ask Josh anything.

Yes, really. Josh is an expert in product design and development.

You’ve got one hour to ask him anything at all about your product. Where to start with development, how to progress from an idea,¬†risks to be aware of, prototyping, manufacturing methods, materials, ergonomics, styling, user interfaces, functionality, strength, durability, appeal, safety…anything.

We want you to ask us your most important question. Your hardest question.

We’ll listen and ask probing questions to get to the crux of your concern or enquiry.

Then, we’ll help define three concrete steps that you should take to move your idea forward.

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We run Expert Hours on Fridays either via video call or at our studio in Gateshead!

Please make sure your preferred date is a Friday.

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