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We're your kinda people if...

  • You have an idea, but don’t know where to start
  • You want to know your idea is commercially viable
  • You believe there could be better way to design, manufacture or assemble your existing product
  • You want to work with a straight talking, problem-solving product design studio

Our Process


Concept Development

Establish a concept

A clear vision, function and plan. See what your product would look like, how it would function, it’s value proposition & know that the product won’t cost more to make than the sell price.


Concept Validation

Prove that it works

Validate that your preferred conceptual approach works and can be manufactured before getting into the nitty gritty of detailed design.


Detailed Design

Go deep on the details

Translate your idea into a clear detailed design that is optimised for use, manufacture, maintenance, assembly & the end user. Also work out all the nitty gritty details; fasteners, inserts, tolerances, materials, etc.



See the product in real life

This phase is all about building a prototype for testing purposes. Ensuing manufacturing processes, materials, assembly methods, function & styling are accurate before manufacturing specifications.

Manufacturing Preparation

Get ready to manufacture

We will prepare all necessary digital files and hard copy drawings needed to manufacture your product. We can also create a shortlist of possible manufacturers for you to work with.

Tooling and First Inspection

Proof the first real product

We will help you get the tooling and production parts right by inspecting the first article, making improvements and making sure your parts are better than imagined.

Manufacture and deliver

Get it made

We can manufacture for you or provide engineering support to your selected manufacturer to ensure the product is efficiently produced, production costs are cut and quality is achieved.

Throughout the entire process, we can assess product viability and potential returns through the DA Signature Cost Modelling process.

Starter packages

Not quite sure where you fit?

Workshop your brilliant idea with us, with one of the DA Starter Packages.