“I’m all about the little details and believe that they can make a big difference in whatever I’m working on.”

BA in Packaging Design
Numerous PTC courses in ProE
10 plus years’ experience as sole trader

The life of the office & project extraordinaire

Favourite part of the job

Nat has always loved design! Taking an idea and bringing it to life is what drives her passion in her role. “There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing a project come to life after putting in all the hard work and effort.”


Outside of work…

When Nat is not in the studio, you will rarely find her sitting still. Instead, you can almost guarantee that she is spending time with her friends and family. If you are lucky enough, you might even catch her skating around on her roller skates, reliving her youth!

Nat is project-obsessed and pretty darn great at it. She is always up to something, whether it be organizing a school fundraiser, gardening, or throwing a party. So you can imagine when she joined DA as mat-leave cover there was no way we were letting her leave!