Not at all! We love simple ideas.
While complex and revolutionary products have their place, and we thrive on the challenge, simplicity often holds significant advantages for our clients, including:

1. Ease of Development: Simple ideas are inherently easier to design, prototype, and test. Without the layers of complexity that can bog down larger projects, teams can swiftly move from concept to execution
2. Speed to Market: Speed is often a competitive advantage. Simple ideas typically require shorter development cycles, allowing products to reach the market quickly and capitalize on emerging trends
3. Cost-Effectiveness: Smaller and simpler products translate to lower development, manufacturing, and shipping costs. This cost efficiency not only enhances profitability but also makes products more accessible to a wider audience
4. User-Friendliness: Simplicity often leads to intuitive designs that resonate with users. Products that are easy to understand and use tend to lead to greater adoption and customer satisfaction
5. Innovation in Constraints: Embracing simplicity encourages teams to innovate within constraints. Rather than focusing solely on adding features, the emphasis shifts to refining core functionalities and delivering essential value

So, your simple idea is more than welcome here!

If you have an idea but are unsure of the next steps, you've come to the right place.

We understand embarking on a new product idea can be super daunting. Converting ideas into commercially viable products and services requires excellent research, good planning, great design and outstanding execution. In our work, we meet lots of people who have great ideas off the bat but are unsure of what the next steps are for their project and whether their idea is worth pursuing, which is why we developed the Expert Hour Starter Package. We have helped many of our clients through this initial stage and onto the next big steps. We believe that product design shouldn’t be confusing or overwhelming. It should be simple, clear and set you up for a win. More on our Expert Hour starter package here - Starter Packages

If you have completed our pre-questionnaire and your Expert Hour is scheduled, then we have all we need for your session. However, to get the most out of your time, we recommend that you start thinking about the following:

  1. Do you have a name for your business & product? If you have settled on a business and product name, have you registered the business name? What about a trademark? A domain name? Social handles? Do this early to save yourself hassle & money when it’s time to launch!
  2. What problem are you trying to solve? What need / problem are you trying to solve? Is there a product on the market that already exists? Who would your competitors be? Do your research to make sure you can answer these questions.
  3. Have you determined who your future customer is? Who are they? How will they engage with this product? Do they REALLY need/want it? How and where will they purchase it? How much will they spend?
  4. Is your idea commercially viable? How much will your product cost to design, manufacture and dispatch? How long will it take to make a return on investment? How will you fund this venture? (Hint: We can sense-check your idea and its execution to determine if your idea is commercially viable)
  5. Can you sketch your idea or create a mock-up? By getting your idea down on paper or creating a prototype, you can evaluate and critique its legitimacy. There are loads of factors to consider – material selection, manufacturing techniques, user safety, the environment it will be exposed to… The list goes on!
  6. Have you got a plan? Get your plan down on paper. Make a business case for it.
  • What is your vision, mission and product solution?
  • Who is your customer?
  • How are you going to fund this venture?
  • What is your marketing plan?
  • What are your KPI’s?
  • What is your schedule & go-to-market plan?
  • There are loads of free resources available online to help you generate a business plan

Starter Packages - Our Starter Packages are for when your project needs don’t quite fit the mould of the DA Process, or you might just want to dip your toe in & see what we are all about. This could mean:

  1. You’re just starting out & want to know you’re on the right track – Expert Hour
  2. You require assets to help explain how great your new idea is to key stakeholders – Idea Visualisation
  3. You have an existing product & want to know if there is a better way to design, manufacture, assemble, or even present your product – Design Review
  4. You require a functional test rig (aesthetics not the priority) to validate the critical functionality of your idea – Frankenstein

DA Signature Process - Once you have completed a Starter Package & are keen to kick on you can then move onto our Phases in the DA Process. Or if a Starter Package is not needed, you can start here. Our DA Phases make up our bread & butter process & run from 1 through to 7, taking you from concept to launch no matter what stage you’re at. This means you don’t need to start from 1 or that you are locked in until 7. You can sign on phase by phase.

  1. Concept Development – Establish a concept
  2. Concept Validation – Prove that it works
  3. Detailed Design – Go deep on the details
  4. Prototyping – See the product in real life
  5. Manufacturing Preparation – Get ready to manufacture
  6. Tooling & First Inspection – Proof the first real product
  7. Manufacture & Deliver – Get it made

When you have an idea you want to take to market, you need a step-by-step roadmap from start to finish. Our fixed cost, fixed deliverable approach means you can take your idea to market sooner & with less risk.

Following your consultation or Expert Hour & we have a clear picture of your idea, we will be able to pull together a proposal to fit your project requirements. This could mean a Starter Package, DA Process Phase(s), or a combination. No matter your proposal, you will only be required to pay step by step. E.g. If your proposal comprises Idea Visualisation (Starter Package), followed by Detailed Design (Phase 3), you will be required to pay a 60% deposit for Idea Visualisation & 40% on completion. Once complete, you can then sign on for Detailed Design & follow the same payment process. Although our process is fixed cost, being fixed deliverables means that if the scope/original brief changes, you will be required to pay for the extra time required to complete the work & be sent a Variation quote.

We love the 'Let's get started' questionnaire as it gives our team the information they need to understand how we can best help. It's in place to help us help you. It also equips DA's Principal Designer with a strong enough understanding of your idea to prepare for your potential Expert hour & conduct prior research.

If you don't feel comfortable completing the questionnaire straight away or would first like to get a better understanding of the DA process, you can absolutely get in touch by giving us a call on +61 2 4021 1027 or emailing us at hello@designanthology.com

Upon receipt of final payment, all intellectual property associated with the finalised Design/Product will be transferred to the client. Design Anthology will also provide the client with a Digital Job Folder containing all relevant information generated throughout the product's development process.

Certain elements, such as templates, proprietary know-how, and over 60 years of accumulated expertise in product development and manufacturing, are integral to Design Anthology's operations and may be utilised across multiple projects. Upon the conclusion of an engagement, Design Anthology will retain ownership of these intellectual properties for future engagements, while the client will possess ownership rights over the completed product/design. In essence, Design Anthology's client will possess both the finished product and the recipe, while Design Anthology will maintain ownership of and the ability to use certain ingredients and methodologies.

At Design Anthology we treat all client conversations & ideas as confidential. However, if you prefer to sign an NDA before engaging with the DA team, we can absolutely supply you with one! If you have your own NDA that you would like us to sign, please let us know & we would be happy to review & sign if we can meet the terms.

It sounds like our Design Review Starter Package may be just what your looking for!

The Design Review Starter Package will allow us to collaborate with you to undertake an in-depth review of your current design & design constraints, providing you with the confidence that comes with knowing not only your opportunities but your risks. You will receive unbiased & professional advice, as well as suggestions​ & strategies to help you capitalise on everything identified. Outcomes:

  1. Define key design, functional & market constraints
  2. Define plausible solutions to solve your problem based on research, evaluation and shortlisting (pros & cons)
  3. Preliminary package layouts of internal hardware
  4. Product review & optimisation of manufacturing, user interaction, assembly, durability & more
  5. Increase your value proposition whilst reducing the cost of manufacture
  6. Handover document outlining critical risks & key opportunities
  7. Clear & actionable next steps
  8. Product Development strategy
  9. Manufacturing strategy

You can find out early if your product works, key features are achievable & if it will translate into a real-world solution with our Frankenstein Starter Package.

Frank is our rapid problem-solving approach, which may not look pretty but will give you valuable insights into what works and doesn't work through an agile R&D process. Drawing on our extensive experience as well as experts in their field, we will validate your idea by frankensteining existing techniques, componentry, and hardware. The Frankenstein test rig will give you the reassurance you need to either pursue or not pursue your idea. It will also provide us with shortlisted hardware that will become the basis for creating the package layouts and concepts in the following phase. Outcomes:

  1. Learn where to start with product development
  2. Identify the key activities needed to bring a new product to market
  3. Brainstorming session to uncover the opportunities, risks and potential of your idea
  4. Expert insights into product development, prototyping, materials, processes, manufacturing & more
  5. Define key design, functional & market constraints
  6. Define plausible solutions to solve your problem based on research, evaluation and shortlisting (pros & cons)
  7. Preliminary package layouts of internal hardware
  8. Test rigs to validate the critical functionality of your idea
  9. See your idea come to life & communicate what makes it special
  10. Handover document outlining critical risks & key opportunities
  11. Product review & optimisation of manufacturing, user interaction, assembly, durability & more
  12. Clear & actionable next steps
  13. Manufacturing strategy
  14. Product Development strategy

Absolutely! All our services can be offered remotely. Any shipping costs (samples, test rigs, prototypes etc.) will be calculated & applied to your proposal

Yes, we can! As an optional extra, we can assess product viability and potential returns through the DA Signature Cost Modelling process. Receive a no-fluff spreadsheet with all the required information to understand how much the off-the-shelf hardware and tooling will cost.

If you require assistance between phase's e.g. need us to jump on a call with your manufacturer, require additional assets, want to discuss additional features, want to make a revision... Whatever it may be! We can create a variation quote & charge for our time spent achieving the outcome.

Services we can offer within our Starter Packages & Phases (usually within Idea Visualisation & Concept Development):

  1. Branding
  2. Logo design
  3. Test brand colours
  4. Brand material & finishes
  5. Brand application

2. Digital marketing assets

  1. Concept Visualisation banner
  2. Digital finals showcasing your idea & its key selling points, including 3D renderings & presentation material
  3. Photos throughout the design process

We don't offer the following, but know some pretty awesome businesses who can help you out!

  1. Product videos & storyboarding
  2. Marketing copy
  3. Website creation
  4. Kickstarter campaign creation

We would love to be able to give you an answer, but as every idea is unique, so is every proposal. The time required for your Starter Package or Phase will be determined after your conversation with one of our team members & recorded in your proposal under 'delivery terms'.

Our DA factory is full to the brim with a wide variety of advanced prototyping & manufacturing equipment, enabling us to create, test & refine your idea quickly in house - CNC routers, welders, lathes, 3D printers… All the right tools to help turn your concept into a viable product, with an expert team to use them.

More than just Industrial Designers, our team are masters of many disciplines, mechanical & mechatronic included. We live to get our hands dirty our & demonstrate on the daily that manufacturing know-how makes for better designers.

On the date this project is set to commence, our team will kick-off your project with an internal brainstorming session. From this point, we will require 1 week to collate our initial findings before providing you with an update (via phone or email). We LOVE our clients being a part of the process; however, our design junkies need to hermit away in week 1 to get in the zone.

From then on, we will provide weekly updates up until your scheduled handover meeting, which can be held either virtually or at the DA studio. Our team are dedicated to bringing your idea to life with you & will be with you every step of the way.

Correct, you don't need to start on Phase 1 however, there are prerequisites you do need to meet before beginning each phase.

For example, to begin Phase 4 Prototyping, you require a clear concept with internal & external 3D models, which have been validated through testing & detailed out. This would include having finalised your hardware selection, package layout, finish specifications, prototype drawings & prototype files. Don't stress if you don't know what phase you should be starting at, we don't expect you to! When you meet with our team, we will assess where you are at on your project journey & create a roadmap tailored for where you are at & where you need to go

We would love to be able to give you an answer, but as every idea is unique, so is every proposal & the complexities required to bring each idea to life. The cost of your Starter Package or Phase will be determined after your conversation with one of our team members & recorded in your proposal under the deliverables.

Received a test-rig that looks dead set amazing & now wondering if you can skip prototyping? Let us explain why you need both.

As part of Concept Validation (phase 2) our team will build a test-rig as a tool to test & refine your concept, enabling you & our team to test/validate the package layout, overall look, feel, ergonomics & performance of your idea before getting stuck into Detailed Design. Resulting in the first iteration of your product. Your test-rig will also allow you to get stuck into your marketing efforts early in the piece. So – now you have a shiny new test-rig. Why would you need a prototype? Prototyping (phase 4) is a necessary step in ensuring the final design is correct before moving into tooling. Ensuing manufacturing processes, materials, assembly methods, function & styling are accurate. Skipping this phase could result in having to modify your tooling which will not only cause delays but become an expensive undertaking.