We're HMA Finalists again!

This year we submitted our work with Interceptor in both categories. The Interceptor Alpha Single Surf Ski story is such a great example of how design adds value to local manufacturing business. We’re hoping to share more of this story as its success grows. Here’s a bit about it.

The Alpha Single Surf Ski is a customised single person surf ski that is fitted to a paddler’s height and preferences in design and finish. Paddlers can choose from three hull designs, two top decks and a range of beautiful custom graphics.

Reduced Manufacturing Costs
Interceptor originally approached us to improve the speed with which they build their skis. We analysed the existing product and manufacturing procedures and found opportunities to improve the design. Our improvements increased production speed, generated unique intellectual property and reduced manufacturing costs by about 72%.

Generating Unique IP
The key innovation that we introduced is the Adjustable Footwell. We completely redesigned the entire seat and footwell to improve the paddler’s ability to transfer strength to the paddle. We involved surf ski athletes during the development of the new design asking them to test the foot well in mock-ups and then on the water in prototyped vessels. The results were amazing.

They reported that, not only did they feel stronger in the seat, the new design is also more comfortable. Some of the other benefits include reduced component weight, reduced material wastage, reduced labour and increased component strength. This important intellectual property allows Interceptor to position themselves as a clear innovator in the market with a more customer-centric value-proposition.