Modular and scalable design

Identified a problem and approached DA to help design a real-world product solution

Light weight and portable calisthenics gym equipment

The Brief

Hextech Fitness identified a gap in the market for portable calisthenics gym equipment & approached DA to help design a real-world product solution.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • The design had to be customizable, allowing users to modify the system to suit their training regime & train different muscle groups
  • To be successful the system had to be modular & scalable. The equipment has been designed to be easily installed & dismantled using a quick release system & stable platform
  • Required an array of attachments which could be easily added or removed to cater to a wide variety of workouts & users
  • Had to be designed to allow users to build the system to their specific needs & fitness levels
  • The system is perfect for personal trainers who need to to run big classes in outdoor environments. The scalability of the design allows trainers to customise the system to suit their class needs & size

The Results

The DA team were able to provide Hextech Fitness with a modular & scalable design which can be adapted to meet the needs of users & be transported with minimal effort.