Today, we celebrate the many achievements of women all over the world & also reflect on what International Women’s Day means to us. Thank you to our team for sharing your thoughts & experiences. “IWD is not just about one day of celebration. It’s about a daily commitment to supporting & uplifting the women around us.”

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?


Jess, EA & Communications Co-Ordinator, Design Anthology

“As a new mum returning to work, IWD hits a little differently this year. It’s hard to comprehend that the flexibility I am provided with is not the standard across all businesses. Between learning to be away from my baby, trying to secure a spot at daycare, trying not to get mastitis from the constant pumping, & dealing with daycare sickness – it’s not easy. Although I consider myself lucky, it should be the norm. More needs to be done to support primary caregivers & help them get back into the workforce. Recently, a friend told me they were struggling to return to work as it’s easier for employers to hire someone who doesn’t need to pump. How are we still making mothers feel this way!?”




 Nat, Project Co-Ordinator & Designer, Design Anthology

“For me, IWD is not just about one day of celebration. It’s about a daily commitment to supporting & uplifting the women around us.

As women in today’s society, we face enormous pressure to do our best in every role we play. We are expected to be great parents, partners, workers, business owners, housekeepers, & health enthusiasts. And if we have children, the mental load is even greater.

IWD is an opportunity to inspire the next generation of women to keep challenging societal norms & embrace their uniqueness. It’s a day to celebrate our humanity & to recognise that together we can achieve anything. So today, let’s commit to supporting and uplifting the women around us, & continue to celebrate the incredible achievements of women everywhere, not just today, but every day”


Jan, CX & Digital Media Coordinator, Design Anthology

“IWD, for me, is an opportunity to:

1. Pay homage to those women in the past who acted on their calling to make significant changes for women today, & inspire those who will continue to do so today & in the future.

2. Remind humanity that when we unite in our respective societies, we can & will evolve to shake up the limited expectations & generalisations of how women should be, act, think & show up.

3. Champion the businesses that genuinely strive to embrace inclusivity, diversity, & equality in the workplace. It is essential to be part of a company that genuinely cares about its team & makes a positive difference in the world.

I’m living proof that you can find an awesome work environment that embodies these values. If you can’t find the change, be the change.”