Perky Pod is a revolutionary plant pot. Innovative internal drainage, filtration, & water catchment system. Design Anthology's design approach from the get-go was to create a high-value, aesthetically pleasing, functional & long-lasting product using circular economy materials & modern manufacturing processes. Essentially, our aim was to turn waste into a beautiful product that consumers would fall in love with, keep for a long time & recycle at the end of its life.

Huge congratulations to our incredible client & PerkyPod Founder Louise Burr for successfully launching the PerkyPod pre-orders; we could not be happier for you!

Back in 2021, Louise approached DA with the goal of creating an innovative, stylish, self-draining planter pot that made it easier & safer to water your plants, helping them to thrive & bringing life to your home. The PerkyPod today is precisely that & more. It simplifies watering, eliminating all the guesswork & heavy lifting – no mess, no stress, no lifting.

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