Idea rapidly transitioned into a tangible real-world & workable prototype

Functionality, performance & commercial viability confirmed within the first two phases

Product launched to market with a clear go-to-market & manufacturing strategy

The Brief

Our client first visited the DA studio for an Expert hour to understand how and if their idea could be realized, before then moving into product development. The aim of the DoorDefend project was to develop a detachable car door buffer that would supply a soft buffer point between a car door & any adjacent objects.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • The buffer had to be easily detached & reattached whilst remaining secure (without causing damage to the car)
  • Size needed to allow for the product to fit in car side & back pockets whilst not in use
  • Required to fit different car styles
  • Cost could be further reduced by eliminating the need for packaging. The product has been designed to hook straight onto a shelf
  • Material had to be specifically selected to ensure it would be hard enough to act as a buffer, yet soft enough that it wouldn’t cause damage itself

The Results

  • Expert Hour helped our client to understand what their next steps would be & how to move their idea forward in the right direction
  • Client was able to validate their idea
  • Cost modelling confirmed the product was viable
  • DA delivered a working prototype that the client could use to conduct testing, receive market feedback & build a Kickstarter campaign
  • Currently live on Kick Starter! – Doordefend: Protecting your car, saving you money