Reimagined to align with AusDiagnostics new design language without compromising key functional attributes

Reduced manufacturing cost by 24%, overall number of parts by 95% & time of assembly & calibration by 163%

Enabling future growth through customisation and white labelling

The Brief

AusDiagnostics approached our team with the objective of updating the HighPlex product to align with AusDiagnostics new design language. Our primary goal was to improve the product’s value proposition without compromising its key functional attributes. In addition to the brief, we explored and implemented solutions to optimize the manufacturing, assembly, calibration, and maintenance processes, reduce costs, enhance functionality, and create a platform that would enable future growth through customization and white labelling.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Changes made could not increase the machine footprint
  • No major functional changes were to be made to the operation of the machine
  • Designed for manufacture, assembly, calibration, maintenance, operation & transportation
  • Easily recognised as part of the AusDiagnostics product line
  • Improve visibility
  • Reduce manufacturing cost by 24%
  • Reduced the overall number of parts by 95%
  • Reduce time and complexity of assembly and calibration by 163%
  • Improved the overall accuracy of the product & ability to be efficiently maintained
  • Ability to customise the product for resale as an OEM product
  • Consider sustainability options to reduce wastage

The Results

  • During the Concept Development phase, the AUSDX team was presented with three innovative concepts, each with its unique selling points, product styling, cost modelling, and manufacturing strategy. Despite this complexity, the key stakeholders were able to make a swift decision on the best course of action, thanks to the comprehensive and actionable information provided.
  • During the Detailed Design phase, the DA team meticulously evaluated and weighed the key risks, opportunities, and critical constraints and incorporated them into the final design. The team created and refined detailed CAD models and built numerous test rigs to validate crucial interfaces, key functionality, and product styling. This game-changing process helped the team and AUSDX to understand the design intent. It provided a platform to test the key design aspects early, capture feedback, and align key stakeholders early in the product development process. This helped avoid significant expenses and delays and ensured the final product was of the highest quality.
  • In the prototyping stage, the team exceeded expectations by creating a fully functional prototype that not only met product requirements but also enabled AUSDX to successfully launch the product at medical conferences in both Australia and Europe. The prototype helped validate the functional requirements, and significant efficiency improvements in assembly time, calibration, maintenance, and manufacturing costs were achieved.
  • In the Manufacturing Preparation stage, the team created a manufacturing-ready set of final assembly, part, and manufacturing drawings and files with all final revisions integrated and ready for production. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a seamless transition from prototype to full-scale production, allowing AUSDX to repeatably deliver a high-quality product to its customers.
  • From design to manufacturing and beyond, Design Anthology continues to support AusDiagnostics with its manufacturing journey from first small-scale production runs to mass manufacture DA is there to help our customers deliver products that are better than imagined in all areas of the product