Client identified an opportunity in the market

A new range of products the client could manufacture internally

Redesigning, rebranding and diversifying

The Brief

Aquanaut identified that their key suppliers were experiencing a heavy increase in online sales & in response approached DA to help develop a new range of Neptune products that they could manufacture internally. The new product range was aimed at enabling Aquanaut to diversify its current distribution channels and incorporate an online sales arm.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Branding was a major consideration from the get-go and a requirement before confirming the design direction. Very early on we produced a product styling guide, styling elements & confirmed brand application​
  • To effectively support Aquanauts manufacturing efforts, it would require travel to Hong Kong and Taiwan to meet with suppliers (Pre-COVID) to ensure a better than imagined outcome​
  • Due to the nature of the product vigorous testing was required to validate the structural integrity, safety & functionality

The Results

The new product family effectively communicates the Neptune’s high-quality image to both new and existing customers