Time for a

Product revamp?

Looking for a better way to design, manufacture, assemble or even present your product?

You’ll need a review of your current design & design constraints, a clear understanding of opportunities & risks, unbiased & professional advice, as well as suggestions​ & strategies to help capitalise on everything identified, aka our Design Review Starter Package.

  • Define key design, functional & market constraints
  • Define plausible solutions to solve your problem based on research, evaluation & shortlisting (pros & cons)
  • Explore opportunities for product extensions or new markets
  • Brainstorm alternative preliminary package layouts to optimise the performance of your product
  • Have your product reviewed & optimised for manufacturing, assembly, user interaction, durability & more
  • Increase your value proposition whilst reducing the cost of manufacture
  • Receive a handover document outlining critical risks & key opportunities
  • Gain clear & actionable next steps
  • Receive comprehensive Product Development & Manufacturing strategies

We will review your product, looking for ways to improve the user experience, manufacturability, aesthetics & value proposition – whatever it takes.

View the Design Review Starter Package in action 👉 Case study: Interceptor Alpha Surf Ski