Designed to enhancing posture and health

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Roadmap to launch – The Posture M8 is now available for purchase!

The Brief

Our client had an idea for an inflatable pouch which could help people to practice neutral spine posture whilst stimulating brain function, memory and concentration. The pouch would also be used in rehabilitation training, as a pillow, as a cushion at concerts, sporting events and supports stretching exercises.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Key design considerations included selecting materials that provided comfort, non-slip properties and wear-resistance
  • The team had to carefully considered how the product would be inflated, how the user would control the level of inflation and how the product would be retained in a specific position on a chair
  • Branding design and application had to be thoroughly thought through, tested and validated – Design of the logo, typefaces, colours, illustrative styles and the styling of the product itself  

The Results

  • The Alive Posture M8 was branded to show the product as a lifestyle choice & preventative measure, rather than a medical device for curing an ailment 
  • Development of detailed concepts for both the product and its packaging 
  • Prototyping process quickly identified the best material and manufacturing process 
  • The Posture M8 is now available for purchase from Alive Posture!