Promoting technical capabilities to high-end customers

Resolving function, assembly, aesthetics, and manufacturing constraints

Along with specification DA also developed a product assembly manual and product packaging

The Brief

AMD approached Design Anthology to develop a bespoke point of sale unit to promote the capabilities of their high-end graphics cards and motherboards to gamers and CAD users.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Our vision was a product of the highest quality that excited users whilst being efficient to produce and easy to assemble. We explored a range of concepts to resolve function, assembly, aesthetics and manufacturing constraints
  • Starting out by developing a quick but accurate tease concept based on the clients’ criteria allowed AMD to market the product to key stakeholders, build excitement and move the idea forward internally

The Results

  • AMD were provided with documentation that clearly outlined all the design specifications and allowed us to manufacture a high-quality product on time and on budget
  • Along with the specification we also developed a product assembly manual and product packaging
  • We utilised our extensive national and international supplier network to source, manufacture and deliver a limited production run (just 20 units). Due to the product’s success in Australia, DA arranged for the product to be distributed globally to 10 countries throughout Asia