Designed to carve in radical new ways

Combining the edge control of a snowboard and the functionality of a bodyboard

Providing the rider with the responsivness and comfort needed to land large jumps

The Results

The AXS Snoogee Board is designed to change how and where a sled can be ridden. With its snowboard-like handling and ability to do tight turns and stop in short spaces, almost anywhere you can ride a snowboard you can also ride a Snoogee Board. By taking the edge control of a snowboard and functionality of a bodyboard, the AXS Snoogee Board allows the user to experience the performance of snowboarding with the accessibility of sledding in one product.

The AXS is the only sled out there that turns and stops on its edges, similar to snowboards and skis. Now you can explore anywhere there is snow. With a snowboard as the sleds bottom runner & the low centre of gravity that comes with riding in a prone stance, all sorts of possibilities for urban and suburban riding have opened up.

The Snoogee Board is engineered to perfection, providing the rider with the responsiveness and comfort needed to land large jumps.