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‘Good Design’ 2021 Winner for Product Design

Lifelike simulation training platform saving lives through operational readiness

Removes the cost, maintenance, travel and danger which comes with deploying vehicles into the field

The Brief

AVS approached DA to develop an innovative way to enhance, manufacture & transport the PMTT, a sensory based training simulator for armed force personnel. Previously a large rigid labour-intensive unit to manufacture & assemble.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • The challenge for the military was how to best train & maintain operational readiness of armed forces in a cost-effective, sustainable, & timely manner 
  • Needed to be configurable & flat packed to ensure shipping optimisation, as well as fitment of hardware & ergonomics
  • Opportunity to boost configuration to allow for army, navy & air force personnel to conduct scenario-based training exercises (would otherwise be cost prohibitive)

The Results

  • The PMTT’s form can be reconfigured to simulate other military platforms, such as boats, tanks, 4WD tactical vehicles, & aircraft 
  • Enhanced platform actuation enables the accurate simulation of real-world conditions & delivers an immersive simulation through a combined VR experience 
  • Easily assembled, disassembled, & transported – fits through any standard doorway & can be installed no matter the venue or installation constraints. It can also be disassembled in approximately 2 hours, compared to being a week’s process for competitor models
  • Designed to have a tactical, military aesthetic & recognised as an armoured transport class vehicle
“An innovative approach to training our service people. The flat pack nature of the PMTT and its ability to fit through a standard doorway is clever, as is the simple assembly and reconfigurability. The immersive VR experience augmented with haptic feedback via the mobile rig will provide a lifelike simulation — great for training! Overall, this is a really impressive example of design and engineering and a standout project that ticks every box for good design in this category. Well done.”
– The Good Design Awards Jury