Applied Virtual

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Accurately emulate real life equipment, enabling military personnel and civilians to train virtually

Concept to prototype achieved in 5 weeks, creating 20 units

Bino’s deliver the user a multi-use, multiplayer and high fidelity experience

The Brief

Applied Virtual Simulation (AVS) discovered that new high-definition micro-displays had been developed & wanted to find a way to integrate them into their existing bino simulator product. The Bino’s required bringing together the latest technology into one platform, MEMS Gyro, laser tracking & market-leading features. These include adjustable focus, eye-spacing, antiglare blinkers & precision button placement.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • The existing bino’s utilised additive manufacturing methods which delivered relatively poor structural integrity, less accurate tolerances & lower quality surface finishes when compared to other methods
  • Vacuum casting with a silicone mould for production would achieve significant cost savings, much better structural integrity & high-quality surface finishes
  • Increased sales & new market opportunity (e.g., air traffic control) could be achieved through high-quality finishes, ease of use & universal adaptability

The Results

  • The speed of delivery allowed AVS to present their product to potential customers quickly – Concept to prototype in 5 weeks, creating 20 units
  • The new Bino’s outperform the previous model significantly with thanks to the new integration of hardware & the life-like ergonomic features that have improved the muscle memory of military personnel during training
  • Accurately calculates the distance of a target and trajectory
  • Integrated spatial-tracking tech ensures training replicates real world reactions
  • Validated through vigorous product development & testing – Designed & built to last
  • Increased ergonomics, such as optimised face fitment, variable focus & eye positioning, provides better user experience