A priceless sales tool in three weeks

The unit was such a useful part of Banlaw’s sales process that they asked us to build another

Transport with ease

The best kind of sales took is one convenient enough you can include as carry-on luggage

Design, test & manufacture

Three week in house process to completion

The Brief

Banlaw’s sales team approached us to help them develop a unit that they could take to clients to demonstrate their FuelTrack Advanced system. It should support their sales process.

The unit needed to be easy to transport (preferably also as flight carry-on luggage). It needed to demonstrate the key functional aspects of the system including the key reader, HID reader and touchscreen functions. In essence, it needed to mimic real-life operation in a unit that could be taken to the client and without needing installation.

The Results

We sourced a suitable enclosure and designed a package layout based on a set of hardware components provided by Banlaw. Within about three weeks, we had completed the design and manufactured all the necessary components in-house. We assembled and tested the unit and applied graphic decals. The artwork on the inside of the lid tells the story of the product, allowing viewers to learn about the system without being the primary user. This allows Banlaw’s sales team to also setup the showcase at exhibitions and events.