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DA named Finalists in HMA Awards

We’ve just been announced as finalists in the 2016 Hunter Manufacturing Awards. We made submissions in three categories and are really looking forward to hearing the results in late October.

Excellence in Product Design

We submitted our work with Fleet Logic designing their product system. The Fleet Logic products offer tamper resistant vehicle tracking, log booking, critical vehicle stat tracking and analysis for logistics and taxis.

We undertook a six phase design process including concept development, detailed design, concept validation, manufacturing preparation, tooling and manufacturing and first article inspection in just 6–8 weeks.

Our most outstanding achievement was the significant manufacturing cost reductions that we designed into the products; bringing the manufacture cost for the system down about 83%.

Excellence in Innovation

We submitted our Banlaw Pop-up Exhibit.

Every time the exhibit is deployed, Banlaw saves about $10,000 in set-up and pack-down costs.

According to Banlaw’s Group Manager of Sales and Marketing, Jeff Anderson, the pop-up exhibit “helps close sales deals” and has directly contributed to over $380,000 in sales since September 2015.

The versatility of the digital and physical display panels mean that Banlaw can create new digital content and create new physical panels as the need arises without needing to replace any of the structure. This makes the unit future-proof, removing the need to create an entirely new exhibit each time Banlaw participates in a trade show.

Excellence in Marketing

We submitted the Design Anthology rebrand we conducted for ourselves. Early in 2016 we rebranded Design Anthology to shore up our position as an outstanding industrial design firm. Our rebrand focused on:

Building trust. In order to effectively advise our clients, we need to gain their trust. To build trust, we share what we have learnt with everyone that we work with. That means talking about failures as well as successes.

Demonstrating experience. The DA team have gathered significant experience across a range of design, manufacturing, management, science and teaching activities. Demonstrating our experience shores up our position as experienced design and manufacturing practitioners.

Being real. Being real means being approachable, being good listeners and assisting our clients by communicating in ways that they understand. We avoid industry jargon and communicate transparently about what we are going to do.

Guiding through. We know what it is like building a business. We’ve seen the heartbreak when an idea fails and the success when everything goes to plan. We see ourselves as guides. We help our clients move through the process of converting an idea into a real product and viable business. Because we know the pitfalls, we can steer them in the right direction and help to prevent heartbreak.

We’ll let you know how we go at the awards.